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Air Duct is Leaking

Air Duct is Leakingour electricity bills are spiking up for a reason.

And if you think your electricity consumption is just the same with the previous month, then it’s natural to suspect that something’s wrong.

Either it’s a broken device of some sort on your end or the electricity company made a mistake (but what’s the likability of them making such mistake?).

A leaking air duct contributes a lot of the spiking up of electricity bills and if you think it’s worth a look, then taking note of the following signs will help you recognize whether or not your air ducts are the ones responsible for your unusual electrical bill.

Sign no. 1: Unequal distribution of comfort level

One thing you should remember is no matter where a room is located, it should have the same comfort level (meaning same temperature) with the rest of the house. The basic thing that will tell you therefore that your air duct is leaking is when you notice a certain part of your home that is hotter or cooler than the rest.



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