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Things That Could Signal a Broken AC Unit

Things That Could Signal a Broken AC UnitWhat else could give us physical comfort on a summer night than the cool soothing feeling of our air conditioning system?

We need our AC unit to improve our room temperature which means that a broken unit is either a headache on our part or an increased electricity bill. Or both.

Unless we’re technically capable, identifying whether or not there’s something wrong with our unit is not easy.

But there are things you can take note to determine the issue of your AC unit.

  1. Leaking air duct – A leaking duct does not only spike up electricity bills. It also attracts contaminants from the outside and pushes them into your room.


  1. Dirty AC coils – You have to understand that an AC’s function is not to add cool air to your room but to suck the warm air of your room and throw it outside. But for this to happen, your AC’s coil has to be cold and slime free. However, since our room is filled with bacteria, fungi and all other elements the AC coil is constantly at risk of being slimy.


How? When the abovementioned elements are mixed with the wet air conditioning coil, it turns slime. This slime is a good insulator which means that your AC’s coil will not be able to absorb heat, making your room less comfortable.



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