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Colour Grout for Mosaic Projects

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The colour of your grout is very important – it can make or break your piece. Grouting unites the mosaic and highlights the layout of the tiles. We’ve included some handy hints to help you achieve the results you’re after.

Choose the right colour. The colour of your grout should contrast the colours of the tiles so that the design is highlighted. If the colour of your grout blends in with your tiles the individual tiles will be lost and the mosaic will look more like a picture than a mosaic. Follow these guidelines:

  • White grout can appear very harsh as it will draw the eye to the gaps rather than the coloured tiles. In saying that it compliments lighter tones so it is very good for showing off pale mosaics, but when used with strong bright colours it will produce a mediterranean feel.
  • Dark grout unifies darker coloured tesserae and segregates lighter ones.
  • Grey grout enhances most coloured tesserae and has the most unifying effect of all the coloured grouts.

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