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Protect Bathroom Grout

Bathroom grout is usually made of sand, cement and water. Although it is traditionally white, it is now made and sold in a number of colors. Grout adheres your bathroom tile to the walls, floors or ceilings. It also absorbs water, mold and mildew because it is a porous material. In order to protect bathroom grout from discoloration and bacteria, it is essential to clean, dry and seal the grout regularly. Read more to find out how to protect bathroom grout.


Clean Green Carpet Cleaning


Dry your bathroom after every shower or cleaning. Use a squeegee, towel or cloth to dry all tiles after they get wet. Make sure you have a bathroom fan or window that can suck the excess moisture out from the air.

    • If you do not do this, grout will absorb excess moisture, which will turn into mold and mildew. It will stain and breakdown the structure of the grout, causing it to crumble prematurely. In extreme cases, the water and mold can get behind the grout and into the tiles.

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