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Change the Color of Grout

Grout can easily become discolored and dingy over time – something that is displeasing to many people. Rather than suffering through dealing with unattractive dark lines between your tiles, you can take action to change the color of your grout. Although neither is especially timely, you can choose to stain your grout or to give it a deep-cleaning.

 Method 1 of 2: Staining Your Grout

Clean Green Carpet Cleaning

Choose a grout stain. Most often, people resort to dying their grout because it’s lost its previous luster and now appears brown and dingy. Rather than going back to the original hue, find a new color to cover up the wear and tear. Although it may sound strange, grout stains that are close in color to dirt are typically the most successful, because you won’t have to worry about the grout becoming discolored again over time.

    • Light hued grouts blend in and hide the shape of your tiles, while dark grout makes your tiles stand out and is very bold.
    • When possible, look for grout stains that are also a sealant, so that you can skip the final step of sealing the grout.

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