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Get Rid of Dog Urine Smell

Pet urine can fill a house with the smell of ammonia and other strong scents. Although you may get used to the scent, the longer you go without treating the stain and smell, the harder it will be to remove from your walls, carpet, clothes and furniture. You can get rid of dog urine smells whether they are new or old.

Part 1 of 5: Prepare your Home

Clean Green Carpet Cleaning

Ensure your dog is no longer urinating inside the house. It will be impossible to remove the smell if it is an ongoing problem. If the dog is not house trained, make this your first priority.

    • If your dog is grown but still has problems, experts recommend that you let the dog outside more frequently. Place the dog in an area that has hardwood floors and absorbent training pads when they are in the house. Be consistent with your response to urination, scolding immediately after the event.

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