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Cleaning Solvent Uses For Stain Removal

I often recommend using dry cleaning solvent to remove certain stains from upholstery and carpet, especially. But what is it, and where can you find it, and is it environmentally safe?

When I use the term solvent I am referring to liquids, sprays and powders, which do not contain water.

People’s expectations when they hear the term “dry cleaning” is to see a “dry” product, and are therefore often suprised to see a liquid product. However, the solvents are only “dry” in the sense that they do not contain water. They can still be in liquid form.

Environmental And Health Concerns With Dry Cleaning Fluids

These solvents are generally petroleum based, and are therefore not great for the environment both because they come from a nonrenewable resource, but also because of some of the chemicals they contain within them.

In addition, there is generally a pretty powerful smell when you use these solvents. Therefore, always work in a well-ventilated area when applying them.

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