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Replace Carpet Yourself

Updating some of the rooms in your home can be an exciting time. Replacing carpet is just one of the many ideas you can use to update the rooms in your house and it’s not all that difficult to do. Getting up the old carpet and putting down the new are the two basic ideas involved with replacing carpet, but there are some other things that one should know before getting involved with this project.
Things You’ll Need

  • Tackless strips
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Utility knife
  • New carpet pieces
  • Carpet stretcher
  • Wall trimmer


1.     Preparing Your Floors for the New Carpet

1The first thing that needs to be done is to vacuum and clean the old carpeting that’s currently on the floor. No one should be breathing in dust during the carpet-replacing process, so this is absolutely necessary!

2Remove the moldings that are one the floor around the perimeter of the floor. These will usually be in doorways and wherever else the carpet stops.

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