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DIY: Cleaning Tips for Dirty Soiled Carpet

Unsightly carpet stains are a fact of life. No matter how careful you are, eventually someone spills or leaves a dirty footprint, or an untrained pet leaves your carpet looking worse for wear. Fortunately, you can clean up most soiled carpet on your own–no professional service needed. Identify the stain and act quickly, if possible. The less time the culprit has to work itself into the carpet fibers, the better your chance at removing it.

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Removing Liquid Stains

  • Liquid based stains, or water soluble stains, can often be removed with basic household cleaning products, water and a clean cloth. Spilled beverages, washable ink, mud, latex paint and ice cream are a few examples of liquid type stains. You can eliminate most of these by blotting up any excess with a soft cloth, then mixing two cups of water with 1/4 tablespoon of non bleaching detergent or white vinegar. Saturate a cloth with the mixture, and use a blotting motion to lift out the stain.
  • Acidic stains, like coffee, tea, wine or vomit, require special attention. Start by cleaning up any excess with a dry cloth or towel. Blot up the stain, rather than scrubbing or rubbing. This can damage your carpet fibers and push the stain further down into the carpeting. Mix together a cup of tap water and a tablespoon of ammonia; apply enough of it to the stain to saturate the area then use a clean cloth to blot up the liquid and the stain.

Removing Acidic Stains

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