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Remove Pet Urine from Carpet

Fido or Kitty left you a present again? Or maybe you found an old surprise when you went to rearrange the furniture? Regardless of when the deed was done, rest assured that you can restore your carpet or surface to its former glory. All you need is some cleaning know-how and a little elbow grease. Just because you have a pet doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your beautiful house. You can learn to address new stains, old stains, and use home remedies to help keep your home clean.


Method 1 of 3: Cleaning New Stains

Clean Green Carpet Cleaning

Absorb the mess. Use wet towels or paper towels, layered and topped by some kind of weight, to quickly absorb fresh puddles. Run the towels under cool water, then wring them out so they’re damp but not dripping, and place them over the stain completely. Put something heavy on top, like cans of food, a pair of shoes, or a book. The moisture will help soak up the urine, while the weight presses the towels down into the carpet. Leave it on for at least 10 minutes.

    • If you want to use heavy books for your poultice, put a layer of plastic wrap or aluminum foil on top of the wet towels first, to avoid wetting and staining the paper of the book.
    • If the spot has been wet for more than 10 minutes, it’s probably soaked into the carpet pad. Make the towel 50% wider than the area of visible stain, as well as using more towels, more water, and a heavier weight.


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