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Clean Grout and Tiles

Do you need to clean the tiles or grout in your kitchen or bathroom? It doesn’t have to be complicated with these helpful tile cleaning tips!

Clean Green Carpet Cleaning


Top Tip: Bleach is a great for keeping your bathroom tiles and grout sparkling clean. Use a specially formulated cleaning product containing bleach like Domestos to make sure your tiles and grout don’t make your bathroom look dirtier than it actually is! Remember to follow the directions on the label and to test any cleaning product in a small area first before continuing.

Tiles are much more than just simple flooring or wall decoration – they can really be the centrepiece of your kitchen or bathroom. Cleaning grout is an important part of keeping your tiles looking impressive. Whereas marks rarely show up on black grout, white and grey grouting can stain easily, and may make a room look dirty even if it’s clean. The tiles themselves also need a little attention every now and then, so a good tile cleaner should be an essential part of your cleaning cupboard.

You don’t have to spend hours scrubbing, however. If you’re wondering how to clean grout and tiles in your kitchen and bathroom, there are some excellent ways to tackle the dirt swiftly and easily, leaving you time for more enjoyable activities.


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