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Tips in Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Clean Green Carpet Cleaning


Here is some of the best advice from around the web for keeping your hardwoods happy.

Vacuum Daily. Apparently. Martha Stewart’s right-hand man Kevin Sharkey refinished his wood floors and wants only the best for them — and for your floors. His crucial first stage of attack is to vacuum every day, or just dust mop “when you don’t have time to vacuum”.

Wax Yearly, Mop Never: Martha herself reminds us that if our floors are waxed, we should never mop them. She recommends wiping up spills right away, but does not mention how she would clean up the everyday grime.

Vinegar! Wait, No Vinegar! Back in 1995, Martha advised “For wood floors with a polyurethane finish, damp-mop with a combination of one quart water and one-quarter cup vinegar.” However, in 2002, she told the New York Times, “And contrary to fairly common advice, you should never use diluted vinegar or ammonia to clean polyurethane. The acid can etch the finish, making it dull.”

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