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Secret to a quality, long-lasting carpet: Carpet Protector

A carpet without a carpet protector is comparable to a castle unguarded by high, strong, protective walls. It will fail as a fortress and will eventually lose its inner glamour and beauty.

Being one of the best accessories you can add to your home’s interior design, ensuring the safety of your carpet is imperative. And since dust, spillovers from any kind of liquid are expected in the long run, then protecting your carpet beforehand is a must.

Some carpet manufacturer may have already included a carpet protector along with the entire package and warrantee so all you have to do is to set it up and you’re ready to go. If however your package doesn’t come with a carpet protector, then you might have to consider getting one for yourself.

Protecting your carpet with stain guards

Stain guards serve as layers of protection to your carpet fiber so whatever dust that will supposedly be accumulated on the rug itself is trapped on these guards. It is important to remember though that your carpet has to be totally cleaned up (a.k.a. spotless) before you place in your stain guards.

Stain guards (or barriers) vs. traditional protector

While both serve the same function – protecting the carpet from dirt or stains – traditional protector only works best when stains from spillovers are immediately removed.

It does serve as a good covering for you carpet’s fabric and can even prove to be a good protector for trapping dusts but for liquid stains, stain guards might be the better choice.

Stain guards are not only designed to protect the upper portion of your carpet but also to make sure that no liquid will seep through it. And even if there is indeed a small amount of liquid stain that would get into your rug, you don’t need to worry about cleaning it immediately. Even after few months, removing stains from a stain guard protected carpet is easier.

How often should carpet protectors be applied?

Ideally, replacing your carpet protector with a new one should happen every after cleaning. This makes sense if you think about it because putting in a new protector just when you’ve cleaned every angle of your carpet makes it stronger and more resilient to damage.

Can I put a carpet protector myself or do I need a professional to do it for me?

You can do any of the two. But if it’s your first time to put in a carpet protector, then I would suggest that you hire a carpet cleaner service (since they usually offer this service as well) or call your carpet manufacturer to inquire about possible free carpet protector service that they offer along with  your purchase.

Protect your carpet and ensure its long-lasting vibrancy! They’re so much like gems that if blemished, you’ll have a hard time restoring its original form.

How are you taking good care of your carpet? Have you placed a carpet protector on it? Feel free to share us some tips in taking good care of a carpet!

We’d love to hear from you!



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