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Why Residue-free cleaning matters in carpet cleaning

Choosing your carpet cleaning service is crucial because you expect them to handle every single detail of the cleaning process.

So you go online, search for the best service you can see and give the company a call. To some extent, you might have gone as far as to search for customer or friend recommendations online about the service.

And when you finally decided the company you want to hire, you call them, have your carpet cleaned and pay them for the job.

And then it’s finished. That’s it.

If you’ve been on this process and found few days or few weeks after that some spots start to appear on your carpet, then don’t be surprised. These spots usually appear especially if the company you hired uses hot water mixed with soap in cleaning your carpet.

The spots are soap residue and they don’t usually appear on the first three days after you had your carpet cleaned. Bad thing is, this residue attract dirt and increases the chances of dust accumulating in your carpet thus, setting you off for another carpet cleaning session in no time.

The thing is, you shouldn’t be having this problem anymore if you chose a service which offers residue-free cleaning.

What is residue-free cleaning?

Residue-free cleaning is the process which does not involve anything that alters the water being used which is generally an environmental hazard. Unlike other ways of cleaning which require a day or two to dry right after a mixture of hot water and soap cleaning, residue-free cleaning ensures that after your carpet is dried, no more residue is left.

Do you need to pay for a residue free cleaning?

Technically, residue-free cleaning is already the process of cleaning your carpet and you pay for it the moment you hire the service. It’s not an additional service or whatsoever.

The problem with other means of cleaning is that it leaves residue and since it only appears days or weeks after cleaning, then you’ll most likely have to pay for another cleaning session to remove the spots.

How can I get access to residue-free cleaning service?

Some carpet cleaning service like us here in Clean Green uses this style combined with a fast drying time for only a couple of hours (instead of days). But if you want a bunch of choices, you may always go for online search. Or better yet, the more conventional but effective means of asking recommendations from friends.

Searching for customers reviews online could also be a good choice to reach companies employing this service.

You see, residue-free cleaning is important because it ensures that your carpet is clean all throughout. Moreover, if you hire a service which offers this style and found few days after that spots do reappear (which is 1 to a hundred chance) contrary to what they claim as ‘residue-free’ then they will likely to come back to your house and remove it – FOR FREE!

No more additional payments.

So what do you think about this residue-free style of cleaning? Do you have any experiences on this?

Share us your thoughts!




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