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Carpet Origin: A Flashback on How it came to Life

The beautiful and elegant carpet we know at present didn’t come to life in just a snap of a finger.

It has its rich history which dates back as early as 6000 BC and has strived to become one of the most sough-after home accessories in modern times.

Today, we’ll take a peek at how carpets evolved; from the traditional way of how they are created up to the present style of manufacturing.

Let’s dive in to its beauty and appreciate how our favorite floor covering has evolved along with our history!

6000 BC

Scholars have found evidence of goats and sheep sheared for wool and hair. These wool and hair are then woven for whatever purpose it served. It is believed that this is the beginning of the concept of floor covering (carpets in modern times)

464 BC

A rug containing the characteristics of a modern Persian or Antolian rug was discovered in an ice-filled tomb in outer Mongolia in 1960.


A barrister and entrepreneur in the person of Robert Rothe brought weavers from the East to make rug in his estate in Kilkenny.


Cardinal Wolsey starts to import rugs in England.


Carpet knotting exhibition was organized by Richard Hickey


Finest carpets were presented by the Royal Society of Arts




Hand-made carpet cleaning start to become popular. This has attracted many designers such as the Adam brothers.


William Sprague built the first carpet mill in Philadelphia. Other mills opened in the 1800s.


Erastus Bigelow reshaped the existing carpet industry during his time by inventing power loom for carpet weaving. This loom has double and eventually tripled the carpet production on its succeeding years and is now part of the Smithsonian Institution’s Collection.

Following innovation, Bigelow went on his pursuit for development and introduced broadloom carpet in 1877.


Alexander Smith built his carpet manufacturing plant in West Farms, New York. He joined forces with Halcyon Skinner who had perfected the power loom and together, made a very successful carpet company.

The company perseveres under the name Alexander Smith & Sons and in 1929 became the largest carpet and rug manufacturer in the world.


Fourteen looms from England was bought by four Shuttleworth brothers. They established their plant on Amsterdam, New York under the name Mohawk.


Mohawk introduced a new carpet, Karnak Wilton which automatically became a hit. Demand was so high that a separate plant has to be made exclusive for Karnak production.

The evolution of the carpet industry went on along with the developments in machination and production and at present, carpet production has also entered an era where you get to have your carpet design customized by private designers.

Carpet evolution has gone a long way and knowing about it may help you appreciate even more its beauty and purpose.

Got any fun fact about carpet evolution? Share it with us on the comments below!



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