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Top 5 Carpet Designs Perfect for your Home this 2014

If you’re looking for a carpet yet can’t decide what design best suits your place, then you just landed on the right page!

Carpet has always been a valuable home accessory so it’s only right to choose the one that will perfectly match your home.

Today, we’ll take a peek at top 5 carpet designs you may want to try this 2014. Browse over them and see if something appeals to your liking!

  1. Imperial Puzzle Rug (Sold online at $89.00)


If you have a contemporary-inspired place, then this carpet may just be the perfect match for you!


Designed with its ten synthetic puzzle pieces, you’ll get to enjoy its unique touch of originality on your flooring. Imperial puzzle rug is perfect especially if you love a fun and casual atmosphere at home!


  1. Zipper Rug


If you’re the type who wants to go on a cleaning charade from time to time, then zipper rug might be your perfect mate.


It is composed of modular pieces attached by zippers which you can always detach anytime you feel like it. This carpet proves to be convenient especially if you have plans to remodel your flooring. Rather than rolling the entire carpet, you can simply unzip it and go ahead with your floor renovation.


What cool is that the pieces comes in different color so you’ll definitely have a colorful treat with the zipper rug!


  1. Swimming Pool Rug


Do you want a treat of an unconventional carpet this 2014? If so, then swimming pool rug is a great pick!


Made to match a room with a water-like theme, the swimming pool rug is a carpet that literally looks like seawater, creating a cool and breezy impression.

But don’t fret if you have a summer-inspired room or any other! Swimming

pool rug looks cool in any type of interior so you’re assured that you’ll get a good-looking blend of this carpet at any part of your place!


  1. Landscape Relief


Looking for a carpet perfect for your kids at play?


Landscape relief carpet is what you’re looking for! The carpet is primarily made of foam bars with different colors and sizes crafted to create an image of a landscape.


Kids will surely enjoy its vibrant colors and comfortable feel and so will you!


  1. Fake wood carpet


You can now enjoy the sight of a wooden floor and the soft, comfortable feel of a carpet all at the same time with fake wood!


Rather than the colorful combinations of embroidered designs, fake wood is simply the carpet version of wooden flooring that is perfect for your home’s cozy, relaxing appeal!

If you look hard enough, you will find that there are more customized carpet designs created by designers which may not necessarily be available in the market yet.

Know what appeal you want your home to have and pick the carpet design you love!

Know some designs which you think is ‘in’ this 2014? Share them with us on the comments below!



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