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3 Surefire Ways How Vacuum cleaning can destroy your Carpet

By now, we must have known that carpet cleaning is a must.

The question is, how often do you clean your carpet? Carpet cleaning basically varies depending on several factors such as the number of people living in your house, the lifestyle you observe and even the presence of kids and pets.

Taking note of all of these things is important because it somehow gives you an idea on how fast dirt can accumulate in your carpet. For instance, a family of seven might have to clean their carpet more often compared to a family of three.

Bottomline is, you need to clean your carpet – the right way.

One basic method most people, if not everyone, use is vacuum cleaning. Due to the idea that dust is accumulated on the carpet, vacuuming is seen as the most viable solution to the problem. And yes in some ways it is.

There are however cases, when vacuuming can be dangerous or destructive to your carpet. So whether you have an old or new carpet, be sure to take not of…

  1. Everyday vacuuming


No matter how you think your carpet gets tons of dirt daily, vacuuming it at a daily basis affects the quality of the carpet in the long run. Remember that vacuum uses electronic brush roller and suction.


Vacuuming the carpet everyday will eventually loosen the fibers of your carpet, making it look dull and threadbare.


  1. Wrong type of vacuum


It is important to note that vacuums are not created equal. There are vacuums equipped with special features such as adjustable beater bar rotation and fan speed while others are not.


Knowing what type of carpet you have, whether it’s a premium soft carpet or wear-free nylon, is very important to identify what type of vacuum is best for cleaning it.


Ordinary vacuum cleaners may not work as effectively as the specialized one when cleaning a premium carpet.


The danger in using a vacuum cleaner not suited for your carpet is it can affect the over-all quality of the fabric. It may loosen up its threads or worse, damage the embroidered designs on it.


  1. Vacuum + Baking soda recipe


Baking soda has been a popular powder-based carpet freshener because it can absorb bad smell when sprinkled in the carpet then vacuumed. The problem is, because it’s minute and is barely visible in small amounts, some residue tend to get stuck on the fabrics of the carpet or below the rug.


In some instances, it can clog the vacuum filter as well, reducing suction and eventually resulting to poor cleaning.


And what happens to carpets that are poorly cleaned? Dull and worn-out.

But you see, vacuuming will always be a vital part in your carpet cleaning. If used properly, it can ensure that your carpet stays beautiful and vibrant for years to come.

Take not of the dangers I’ve mentioned above and evaluate whether or not you are doing your carpet cleaning right. Never hesitate to ask professional help if you think you need one in cleaning your carpet.

Remember, it’s better to be sure now than sorry later.

Clean your carpet right!



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